Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week #3 Poll Results:

In a tribute to Time Irado's recent visit to the Sao Paulo Zoo, the week #2 poll question was "Which is your favorite Zoo animal? It is glaringly ironic that after I decided what my poll question would be and voting was 3 days old, the incident in my home state of Ohio with the exotic animals roaming outside of a wildlife preserve happened. It was like it was the stars aligning of sorts to say, it was the perfect week for discussion. Despite the terrible ending in Ohio, we had 10 voters in this weeks poll. Unfortunately we had a two way tie for first with Giraffes and Monkey's both claiming the top spot with 3 votes. This is where I have to decide what my tiebreaker is going to be. I started with the fact that I voted for Monkeys. This could be approached one of two ways. The First, since I voted for Monkeys, the Monkeys win because, well, this is my blog. The Second, is that since I voted for Monkeys, technically only 2 other readers voted for Monkeys, therefore Giraffes should win. My solution?
A best out of 7 chances coin flip, meaning the first animal to 4 coin flip wins is the ultimate zoo animal. Heads, Giraffes win. Tails, Monkeys win. The coin is a $1BRL coin with heads being the side of the coin with a head on it. Makes sense right? Here goes. First flip, Tails. Monkeys take an early 1-0 lead. Second coin flip, Tails. Monkeys out to a 2-0 Lead. Third flip, Heads. Giraffes storm back into the game and trail 2-1.Fourth flip, Tails. The Monkeys are now just one flip away from winning with a 3-1 lead. Fifth flip, Tails. It's all over, Monkeys win! Monkeys win!

I guess you could say, Tails never fails, right?

Final Voting:
Monkeys (3)*, Giraffes (3), Lions/Tigers (2), Bear (1), Zebra (1), Elephant (0).
* Monkeys won the best of 7 coin flip, 4-1.

Time for Week 4 Poll Question: "What is your favorite sport?"

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