Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week #2 Poll Results:

What would you rather eat? The week two poll results went to the food category as a lot of my experience here in Sao Paulo is best served at the dinner table. The options to vote? Sushi, Pizza, a Burger, Tacos, or Chocolate. I did not think this was even going to be a fair fight throwing chocolate into the mix, but I felt that I needed some very different categories to chose from. I decided to go with Japanese, Pizza, Red Meat, Mexican, and the global favorite, Chocolate.

Chocolate is a food (is it even a food?) that helps cure depression, can even boost a metabolism and have healthy effects in moderation, and the US Military has used it to prove to local citizens in foreign countries that we are friendly. Somehow this universal champion went down in in a nail biter, losing to Pizza 5-4. This weeks poll received 14 votes, down from last week's effort so lets step it up folks. The remaining votes going to Sushi in Third Place with three votes, and a tie for Fourth Place with a Burger and Tacos each receiving one vote.

Week 3 Poll: What is your favorite zoo animal? Let the voting begin.

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