About E&Y CR Fellows

For more information on the Ernst & Young Corporate Responsibility Fellows Program, please refer to my very first blog post "The Birth of Time Irado" (click on the link) which details the who, what, why, when, and where of the program. It also provides infromation surrounding our collaboration with Endeavor Global to help create jobs in emerging markets.

You can also see this video on the program:

2011 Ernst & Young Corporate Responsibility Fellowship Class

Standing: Shannon Mercolini, Vivek Menon, Rom Ginzburg,Trisha Chang, Katie Duggan, Michelle Ng
Seated: Matt Ringelheim, Tyler Schleich, Brendan Maher, and Jamie Schafer
(Not Pictured: Jorge Redhead, Kieren Crean)

Trisha Chang (Assurance manager, San Francisco)
Kieran Crean (Advisory senior manager, San Francisco)
Rom Ginzburg (TAS manager, Tel Aviv)

Katie Duggan (FIDS senior manager, New York)
Jamie Schafer (Advisory senior manager, Detroit)
Tyler Schleich (Tax manager, Columbus)

Vivek Menon (Advisory manager, Austin)
Matt Ringelheim (Advisory manager, Boston)

MexicoBrendan Maher (FSO Advisory manager, New York)
Shannon Mercolini (ACM assistant director, Secaucus)
Michelle Ng (FSO Advisory manager, New York)
Jorge Redhead (TAS manager, Miami)

Jorge joined the kickoff meetings in NYC via Teleconference