Friday, October 21, 2011

Tyler Schleich, Featured Author.

I've been called many things in my life, some good, some bad. I have previously written an Introduction to Business Course that was used by eSchool Consultants, to provide high school and technical students an overview of business topics. I have also authored a few posts here and there on facebook and this blogsite. However, one of the thing that I have not been called before is a featured author. Until now.

Today I received a notification from Endeavor Global, that they had posted a version of my first blog post to their Entrepreneur Blog on their Global website. My first blog "The Birth of Time Irado" was posted on September 28th, prior to heading to Brazil. The post was my attempt to give an overview of the concept of Time Irado, as well as introduce the readers to the Ernst & Young Corporate Responsibility Program. If you are reading my blogs, you know that I love to include details and very precise sarcasm. I believe that they helo portray my sense of humor and allow the reader to be inside my mind. Sometimes, in an effort to provide such details and humor, I admit, I can be a bit lengthy. When I was initially contacted by Endeavor Global for the rights to my post, I reached out to our Ernst & Young Public Relations team to get the authorization from them to allow Endeavor to use the blog. After all, my words are somewhat related to the firm and the program despite my disclaimer.

The wonderful PR Team worked with me to make a few edits, (okay they took out a lot of the rambling I was doing, but they did a great job of making me sound smart) and submit to Endeavor. You can read the blog post, "Ernst & Young Corporate Responsibility Fellows hit the ground running in Brazil" at the Endeavor Global website, and also see the text I have copied and pasted below.

Ernst & Young Corporate Responsibility Fellows hit the ground running in Brazil
By Tyler D. Schleich, Tax Manager, Ernst & Young LLP

Time Irado (pronounced Tee-May E-Raw-do) was born on August 30, 2011, in Secaucus, New Jersey. That’s when I joined 10 of my colleagues from across Ernst & Young for orientation for the Americas Corporate Responsibility (CR) Fellows Program. The loose translation of the Portuguese is “Team Awesome,” which includes three of us who are serving as CR Fellows in Brazil: Katie Duggan, Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services manager (New York, New York), Jamie Shafer, Advisory manager (Detroit, Michigan) and me (Columbus, Ohio). Other teams are deployed to Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile.
The CR Fellows Program is a skills-based volunteer initiative where “top performers” (I use the term loosely because I’m included) travel to emerging markets and are paired with some of Latin America’s top Entrepreneurs. [Note: Entrepreneur is spelled with a capital ‘E’ as these folks are the real deal.] Every businessman has a story, but not everyone has the guts, glory and appetite to lay it all out on the line like these transcendent personalities who grow businesses with nothing more than a dream.
The CR Fellows Program is a collaboration between Ernst & Young LLP and Endeavor to help foster growth, create jobs and build communities. As a Fellow, I am paired with an Entrepreneur who is changing the way construction and building materials are produced, delivered and installed, which — given Brazil’s construction boom — is a very good thing. However, as most business professionals know, growing too fast can create challenges. Technical resources are needed along the way including Information Technology, Accounting, Tax and the list goes on. It can also be helpful to have someone assist in thinking a longer range strategic plan. That’s where a program like the CR Fellows comes into play, by helping to provide some of that technical help that may be missing, and by bringing in a different perspective on growth.
So, Team Brazil heads to Sao Paulo for just under two months to donate about a thousand skills-based volunteer hours to three Brazilian Entrepreneurs.

Feel free to donate money to Endeavor or me if you enjoyed reading the article. Have a great weekend.

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