Saturday, October 22, 2011

Video of the Week: Week 3

The end of Week 3 here in Sao Paulo, brings another Video of the Week. This week's video is inspired by the Sao Paulo traffic and my childhood. I figured why not mix the two and bring to you the memories of the original Nintendo hit, Excite Bike. It was perhaps the greatest game of all time, including the original, create your own experience, with its version of "create your own race track". In my taxi each morning and each night, I envision I am in a game of Mario Kart crossed with the motorcyclists playing Excite Bike. Its truly an entertaining experience.

The first video is a 2 minute clip of the game which includes racing a motorcycle against others.

The second is a video that is a parody clip from Comedy Central television station with some audio recorded over the video.


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