Sunday, October 9, 2011

I see Red people......

Im sure you have heard the quote "I see dead people" spoken by the cute kid from the movie, The Sixth Sense, right? Well that is how I was left after a second half collaspe from the Ohio State (Varsity?) Football Team tonight. Tonight was suppose to be a night of enjoyment and despite the Buckeyes attempt to derail my plans, it was still what I would consider a good night. TimeIrado headed to the local "gringo" bar called O'Malleys for some dinner and beers.
 To my surprise, earlier in the day, O'Malleys added the OSU @ Nebraska game to their lineup, which had me very excited because I would get to see the Buckeyes in action. If you read my earlier blog "The Nebraska Blues" you would understand my mindset going into the game. Even though the Buckeyes raced out to an early 27-6 lead, behind the backup quaterbacking of Joe Bauserman, we were able to lose 34-27. Now, Im not naive enough to blame it all on him, but rather understand that it was the injury to Braxton Miller as well as the coaching staff that put us in the situation. However the largest amount of the blame should also be placed among those individuals who put themselves before Buckeye Nation to put us in this situation. We can question Coach Fickell's decision not to kick a 49 yard FG that would have given us a 30-14 lead heading into the fourth quarter, but it was the WWTD (What would Tressel do) mentality. Rather, we chose to punt despite the fact our defense was on the ropes. Inevitably, we squandered our lead and now for the first time in as many years that I can remember are staring the possibility of a losing season in the face.

However, despite all of this, Sao Paulo has a way to make everything seem ok. We learned this week from many of our new friends that the Brazilian way is to "trust and know that everything will work out for the best". Again, I am a firm believer in that motto but for some reason it is really hitting home as I watched my beloved Buckeyes continue their fall from grace. One thing that surprised me about tonight, was that I was able to meet a couple of locals who were eager to share their stories of restaurants, bars, shops, and etc that should be visited during our stay here in Sao Paulo. The locals here jump at every chance to practice their English skills and embrace visitors from the U.S. I also watched the game with two businessmen in Sao Paulo (leaving tomorrow) who were Nebraska fans. We were able to share a couple of pints while watching the sloppy play that those two teams put forth tonight. We shared stories of footballs glory days, the addition of Nebraska in the Big Ten, and also discussed a little business on the side. It was a true networking opportunity for us, despite being 5,000 miles away from home.

The moral of the story is, even though I see Red people, everything will be okay and the sun will rise at 635am here in Sao Paulo! OSU Fans, bring on Illinois in 6 days! O-H.

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