Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Big Day in Sports

For most of the world, basically everyone except for the United States (Yes, for you New Englanders, I know you claim to have great rugby), today was a huge day for sport. The 2011 Rugby World Cup was played very early this morning between France and the "All Blacks" from the host country New Zealand. After seeing the Rugby "B" league championship for Brazil yesterday, I woke up early to tune in to see what the craze was all about. I pulled up the rules on the Internet and tried to figure it out. Despite the game actually being televised in English, and having some of the Rugby Basics open in my Internet browser, I still had no idea what was going on. The All Blacks went on to the Championship beating France 8-7. Unlike yesterday, there was a nice trophy involved. Below is the All Blacks Famous Pre Match Haka War Chant.

Today is also a big day in sports at Tecno Logys. Valerio's favorite football (soccer) club, Internacional squares off against what seems like the rest of Tecno Logys' favorite football team, Corinthians. Internacional is a team from the south of Brazil where Valerio is originally from, and the Corinthians are one of the teams here locally in Sao Paulo. I have yet to determine which soccer team I would root for here in Brazil's top league, mostly because I don't know anything about it. (maybe I just pick the winner of today's game!). The game is set for a 4pm start time here in Brazil, therefore I will find out about 630pm who will have the bragging rights tomorrow at work, because I am sure that it will get brought up. More than once.

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