Monday, November 21, 2011

Wheels Down... Columbus Style

Today I touched down in Columbus after nearly two months away from home. When I stepped off the plane in New York to catch my connecting flight, I was immediately drawn back to the reality that it is nearing winter here in the northern United States. Despite the cold, it felt good to be back. After a stint through passport control and customs, it was an hour and a half flight to Port Columbus International Airport.

After a fantastic mid afternoon meal yesterday with two Tecno Logys workers, Vanessa and Catia (Catia's husband, Vanessa's husband, Vanessa's daughter and her boyfriend and her four year old son joined us!) I did not need to eat again until today. My last Brazilian meal was Moqueca which is a seafood dish from the north east part of Brazil, which was unlike anything I had eaten before and would highly recommend to anyone traveling there. After unpacking and starting the first of four loads of laundry it was off to have my first American meal, Chipotle. There was something about that delicious Burrito Bowl that called my name when I landed in Columbus.

I have the week off for vacation and the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the United States, so its time to get rested and catch up with old friends that I have not seen in two months! This week, I also plan to wrap up the blog this week and provide reflection on my experiences as well as draw a close to Time Irado.

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  1. Welcome home Tyler! Good to hear you made it safe.

    There is a lot to still reflect on, I'm sure!