Friday, November 11, 2011


Eleven, Eleven, Eleven, or 11/11/11 is Today. If you use a 12 hour clock, there will be two points in time during the day it will be 11/11/11 at 11:11:11 (hours, minutes, seconds), however for most of the world that uses the 24 hour clock, only 11:11 in the morning will be celebrated. Those of you in the United States are likely aware that the number 11:11 has taken on a form of wishing star and considered to have magic power. Those in other countries around the world, including my new found Brazilian friends, may have heard of this or after hearing me describe it, think Americans are completely crazy.

For many people, 11:11 has been a significant number for a long time. How many of you have seen for years now 11:11 on your digital clocks, randomly seen house numbers of 1111, or other duplicate numbers? November 11, 2011 or 11: 11: 11 is an interesting date for many people. Many of us have questioned these numbers without really understanding why they flash in our lives so much.

There is some importance, that is, we are giving some importance to the 11:11. However in doing some research I found that nothing significant appears to have happened nine-hundred years ago during the year 1111. Nothing significant appears to have happened a thousand years ago during the year 1011. Nothing significant appears to have happened two thousand years ago during the year 11. In other words, nothing significant at a planetary level has taken place during the 11:11. Some good things have happened in previous 11:11s, World War I ended on 11-11-1918 but that might be a stretch to align the stars for the 11:11 time and date. Fact is, we are creating this whole thing, its the human condition and our mind is in complete control.

The 11:11 and the 12:21, 2012 are instigating fear all over the world, talk of destruction, chaos, the end of the world. Just like the Year 2000, where computers were suppose to shut down because of the dating system was not ready to handle a new millennium, people around the world are preparing for disaster. However I am here to inform everyone that its a reason to celebrate, as nothing out of the ordinary will happen, however the human mind looks for patterns and things of significance. Think of your mind as Hallmark. Hallmark makes up holidays in the United States so people buy cards and gifts that make them happy. Or if you are single on Valentines Day and Sweetest Day you may end up lonely and miserable, but I say regardless if you are single or not, just celebrate. The mind finds ways to occupy its time if you aren't busy enough to find other avenues or hobbies. If you look at a clock you will remember seeing 11:11 or 10:10 much more often than 5:24. You will also remember 9:11 as that is the number of the Emergency Response Center in the United States and also the date of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. However a Brazilian may not recognize the same number as significant. The mind is a funny thing but you only have one, be sure not to lose it.

Patterns are not restricted to numbers alone. In fact, most of us have read articles with misspelled words (including this blgo!) but been able to understand the meaning of the words due to their order and use in certain patterns. For instance, try reading the following paragraph:
Did you konw you're a guiens? Jsut the fcat taht you can atllacuy raed tihs psot porves taht fcat. The huamn mnid is so pufowerl it can dcodee tihs txet eevn tguohh eervy sglnie wrod is slepled iocenrtclry. The one cavaet is taht the frist and lsat lertets are pervresed in erevy wrod. Cidrgbame Uitesirnvy cetoudncd a sduty and fnuod taht the biarn deos not raed eevry snlige lteetr, but wodrs as a wohle.
There are also examples of paragraphs written without vowels, or the letter e, the most commonly used letter in the English language. You can search the Internet for many examples of these on your own. Still not convinced its all about patterns? Multiply 11:11:11 by 11:11:11. You get 12345654321, maybe there is something to this number after all. But then again, maybe not.

P.S. the mispelling of blog as blgo was intential, but you still knew what I meant!

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