Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week #6 Poll Results

Week #6 had a poll for the ages. It was a battle for the right to be called 1980's best sitcom.

The options included the perennial powerhouse "The Cosby Show", "Roseanne", "Who's the Boss", "Cheers", "Family Ties", and the underground hit "ALF". I did receive a couple of emails asking why "Seinfeld" was not one of the options I included. My response was, that although Seinfeld could be the greatest comedy show of all time (at least for those that understand all of the jokes) the majority of the series was shown in the 1990's, therefore I did not include it. Yes I know that Seinfeld began in July of 1989 but it also ended in 1998. Same goes for "Saved by the Bell" which aired 1989-1993 and "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" which aired 1990-1996.

Back to the results. I would have   guessed that if this were a playoff the seeding would go something like this: #1 Cosby, #2 Cheers, #3 Roseanne, #4 Growing Pains, #5 Who's the Boss, #6 Family Ties, and #7 Alf. To my surprise, the voting ended in a tie between the #1 see Cosby and #7 seed Alf. You could call it November Madness if you wish, but this is a true Cinderella story. But just like the Butler Bulldogs came up short in back to back National Championship games, Alf hits the end of the line with my veto power because I would have voted for The Cosby Show. I actually only included Alf because it was so outrageous of a show that I enjoyed (an alien with cravings for cats lands on earth and lives with a family) I did not want to leave it out but kudos to another Cosby victory.

Week 7 poll: What is your favorite Holiday?

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