Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall back with a Flashback

You may remember my post from Sunday, October 16th, "Spring Forward with a Flashback" where I detailed the Brazilian time change to begin their version of Day-Light Savings Time. Today, Most of the United States ended Day-Light Savings Time pushing their clocks back one hour. When I arrived in Sao Paulo about five and a half weeks ago, there was a one hour time difference. Now, after two time changes in opposite directions, there is a three hour difference. I know I am looking forward to getting those additional three hours when I fly back two weeks from today.

In honor of Falling Back, I have decided to Fall back with a Flashback. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, is perhaps the greatest television show to hit the airwaves. Airing from 1990-1996, it featured a host of laughs and lessons about life that young impressionable minds like mine learned from. Although we don't all have Will Smith's money, we will always have our childhood watching he and Jazzy Jeff ruin uncle Phil's day. I have included the show's opening theme song below.

Now that I am three hours ahead of Ohio, please plan calls, skype, and emails accordingly!

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