Sunday, November 13, 2011

Argentinian Ribeye and Mendoza Malbec

Last night Time Irado headed to see what Argentines do best, Beef and Red Wine. We took a taxi to the Las Lilas, a very nice steakhouse in Puerto Madera. Puerta Madera is the old shipping port that was outgrown that was not converted into a trendy, high priced neighborhood lined with restaurants, bars, and high rise residential buildings. Las Lilas is a large establishment featuring a medium sized inside area but the outside area was large and stretched along the water way. We had a reservation but the place was packed so we had to grab a drink at the bar for a bit, so we went with the House Special, the Sangria. The Sangria was exceptional and it was time to be seated. We walked by the kitchen where the homegrown steaks were displayed at they waited their turn to hit the grill. Las Lilas is a vertically integrated steakhouse, breeding, raising, and slaughtering its own Argentinian Beef.

Steaks at Las Lilas awaiting the grill.
Our table was in a great location, near the outside entrance but overlooking the water which had boats in the dock and also many people walking down the river walk. We started our meal by ordering a bottle of a Mendoza Malbec which was a very good wine. Mendoza is an area along the Andes Mountains that separate Chile and Argentina. This region is known for its wines and is the largest wine producing area in South America. Another great local favorite is Sweetbread. Despite the name, it is not a form of sugary bread or any other dessert. It is actually the gullet of cow. From the main menu, I ordered what the restaurant is famous for, the Ribeye Steak. Some of the best beef in the world comes from Argentina and this steak had all of those qualities. It was cooked to a perfect Medium, and was served with broccoli and steamed vegetables. It was one of the best meals I have had and the Malbec was a perfect match for the cut of beef.

Puerto Madero at night

After dinner, we continued to walk along the port and stopped at a bar that was showing the Robert Plant concert from Nashville. For those that may not recognize the name, Robert Plant was one of the lead vocalists for Led Zepplin. I ordered one of my favorite night cap drinks that would make "The Dude" Lebowski jealous, a White Russian. It was time to taxi home and get ready to start our Sunday in Buenos Aires which will feature the neighborhood of San Telmo.

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