Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Real World: Sao Paulo

Today feels a bit like the final episode of an MTV hit series "The Real World". The concept of the show is to take a group of young people from all walks of life, areas of the country, races, universities, and etc and put them together in a house full of video cameras to catch how the "Real World" is. As you can imagine the results are often wild, racy, and highly entertaining. During the final episode of each season, each of the six strangers that lived together for a few months, departs to a slow song and reflects on their time together. They fought, cried, drank too much, had trouble with the Police, and tried to maintain their jobs amongst the craziness. Each cast, for the most part, ended as friends by the time their television fame was over.

The Cast of the "Real World" Sao Paulo

While we did not have any fights, kept our drinking under control, or get into any trouble (of note), Time Irado metaphorically shed one single tear today as Katie and Ryan left Sao Paulo. They are headed south to Argentina and Chile for a one week vacation before coming back to New York. It was only Jamie and I left at breakfast to reminisce of the past 7 plus weeks. She leaves Sunday morning to head to her week long trip to Rio de Janeiro before heading back to the Detroit. Their departures will leave only me in Sao Paulo for about one half day for me to wind down, pack my belongings, and head to the airport for my 10 hour flight back to Columbus. Over the past two months, we have shared Hotel Rooms in Rio and Buenos Aires, tried new things, foods and drinks, played a tourist role, lived a new culture and language, and most importantly experienced Sao Paulo. We have provided nearly one thousand hours of skill based volunteering services to high impact Entrepreneurs and also become friends in the process. It's a realization that our time here has come to an end but Time Irado does not say goodbye, but rather "Até a próxima", or Until Next Time, Sao Paulo.

Our song to depart is one of the hits from Green Day. The title of the song, "Good Riddance" is a bit misleading, but it is more commonly known as "Time of your Life". For what its worth Time Irado has had the time of our lives, and looks forward to more adventures to come.

Tonight I am headed to Valerio's house to have dinner with his family and watch UFC with he and his son, the great "Bernardo".

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