Friday, November 11, 2011

Wheels Down... Buenos Aires Style

Travelling today was quite fun. We arrived at the airport around 4pm for our 630 International Flight. The Qatar Air counter was not open and the line was growing long and restless. Finally around 430 the counter opened and we reached the front of the line about 530. We were told that the flight was currently delayed because of Volcanic Ash from a volcano in Chile that was spewing ash into the sky. I'm all too familiar with these ash clouds after last years volcanic ash in Europe made my flight to Italy a few hours longer and provided rain every day at Lake Como. We were suppose to check back at 630 so we decided to get some of the traditional Brazilian airport food. Our options were McDonalds or Pizza Hut. So we went with the Grande Pepperoni which was not bad. At 630 we were told the flight was on and we headed through the line to check out bags, the line to get through security, and then the line to get on the plane. Many lines filled our nights.

We boarded the plane and I was shown to my seat. I quickly noticed an Asian family across the isle from me wearing medical masks and my immune system was immediately put on high alert. I do not know what they had or what they were not trying to catch but either way my white blood cells were in for a battle. After a long (3 hour flight) on Qatar Air, Time Irado arrived safely in Buenos Aires. After paying our $140 entrance fee into the country, we took a taxi to our hotel for the night. The taxi driver was quite comical and made the 30 minute ride seem like a blink of an eye as he told us the the places to go and showed us the downtown monuments. As a result of our reservation being a bit late in the game, the Marriott hotel we are staying at this weekend was book Thursday night so we are staying at the Ker Recoleta Hotel & Spa. I do not want to downplay the significance of this hotel, but it was ranked #249 out of a possible 420 hotels in Buenos Aires. It was also listed below many "Love Shacks" so take that for what it is worth. At least it is a place to rest our heads before switching to the world famous Marriott Plaza overlooking San Martin Plaza.

I was a bit confused though. Everyone says they call this place the "Paris of the South", however I was surprised to hear no one speaking French. Just Kidding! Like every other country in South American (except Brazil) they speak Spanish so I need to dust off those High School Spanish Classes. Its just after midnight here so its time to bed and when we wake up, it will be time to explore this historic city. Pictures and stories to come.

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