Thursday, December 1, 2011

Corporate Responsibility Challenge Results

If you have been following from the beginning, you should remember that I posted a challenge during my Spotlight on Social Responsibility Posts (see "an Invitation"). I declared that I would donate $25 for every four people that donated $25 to the either Endeavor, an organization that helps High Impact Entrepreneurs, or Kiva, and organization that acts as a micro lender to Entrepreneurs in poverty stricken countries. I am proud to announce that I had 4 friends lend $25 each to Kiva, for a total of $100.

As a result of their generousity, I will match 100% of their contributions to Kiva, by lending $100 to Kiva Entrepreneurs. With my $100 I was able to help Alfred from Rwanda ($75) reach his total amount of loan needed for his Charcoal business, and Ayoko from Togo ($25) move toward her goal of raising enough money to purchase more materials for her wholesale salt business. I'd like to thank you to those that donated and encourage everyone to go to Kiva now and start making micro loans today. Remember they are loans and do get paid back over the course of the loan which means you can then re loan that money to someone else.

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